WordPress for Enterprise

From its humble beginnings as a blogging platform, the WordPress content management system has grown to become a dominant market leader. Discover how today's biggest brands use WordPress, the features that make it so appealing and how you can make WordPress work for your enterprise.

Household brands using WordPress at scale

Enterprise use cases

WordPress' core competency is content management. Whether used as a primary or secondary CMS, you'll find WordPress being used by enterprise at scale wherever there's a requirement for flexible, cost-effective and secure creation and distribution of content. Here's a deeper dive into some of WordPress' most popular use cases for enterprises.

Media & Publishing

WordPress powers the sites people visit multiple times every day for news, information and entertainment.


Organizations around the world choose WordPress as the ecommerce solution of choice for their needs.

Content Marketing

WordPress will help you get your brand's story in front of your potential customers quickly and easily.

Higher education

Educational organisations use WordPress to power everything from a departmental blog through to an entire university system.

WordPress is used by enterprise across media, finance, goverment, etc...

Key features


Enterprise-level extensions for WordPress span a broad range of functionality, from enhanced search, to advanced on-page SEO, to AI-driven content augmentation, to developer power tools.


WordPress' strict security standards make it a popular CMS for enterprise companies around the world, and whilst its popularity can make it a target, it has proven itself as a secure platform.

Open Source

WordPress is open source software. This means the source code is made freely available and may be distributed and modified subject to the GPL license.

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WordPress' famous five-minute install means that whoever you are, you can get going with WordPress today.

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